The Paddock

Located in the South Bucks, the site is an area within the curtilage of the existing dwelling which is designated Green Belt land.

The brief was to create a single storey, contemporary annex with self contained accommodation to provide for the future needs of the resident's parents. The proposed solution is a response to the verdant context and greenbelt land, with a building that nestles into it's natural surroundings and is constructed within the existing walled enclosure.

2 bedrooms, a bathroom and self contained kitchen / living space provide the required accommodation. All spaces have been designed to wheelchair accessible standards to ensure the spaces are future proofed.

A sloping green roof reduces the visual impact of the building while attenuating the rain water. Composting toilets eliminate the need for costly additional infrastructure to be installed as part of the proposals.


Client    Private

Budget  £70K

Type      Domestic 

LPA        South Bucks

Status    Planning