The Reserve

The Reserve is a large green site, with challenging topography, located on the edge of Croydon in South London that is to developed to provide new houses.

The overarching concept is to create a new vibrant community within an inclusive environment which is centred around communal amenity and recreation space, that encourages interaction while creating a sense of place for the new residents.

Using the site topography in a positive way, the proposed concept is conceived as a series of buildings that nestle into the existing green environment and respond in a considered way to the immediate context.

To ensure the existing verdant nature of the site is retained the varying changes in level within the site boundary have been exploited to hide all parking and service accommodation beneath a podium garden. All proposed residential accommodation is grounded within a green environment to maintain the current woodland setting.

The proposed development will provide 70 new homes.


Client     Private

Budget  £16,000,000

Type       Residential

LPA         Croydon

Status    Planning