19 The Headway

Located within the Ewell Conservation area, the existing dwelling is a unique structure which contributes to the eclectic and distinctive character of the area. The brief was to create a new open plan living environment at ground floor level with rationalised bedroom accommodation at fist floor and loft conversion.

Using traditional materials in a contemporary and considered way, the single and two storey rear extensions provide a welcome addition, reconfiguring the ground floor plan and allowing the inside and outside spaces to flow as one. At first floor a new family bathroom, master suite, and enlargement of all the existing bedrooms is possible to create a more flexible living environment.

At ground floor level the new structure is to be clad in a complementary copper that replicates the colour of the existing masonry while providing a distinctive contrast between the old and new.


Client     Private

Budget  £200K

Type       Domestic

LPA         Ewell

Status    Planning